Now the work begins for the public hospital board | Letters

I want to thank all my wonderful supporters who offered their help, advice, and encouragement during this long and contentious election. I was honored to have your votes, and because of you I was able to run an honest, straightforward and positive campaign.

Special thanks go to my campaign team, Carol, Sue, Robin and Barry! Carol and Sue did not know what they were getting into when they said “sure we’ll help!” back in May. Through it all, we are still good friends! When you want something done well, ask retired teachers; it was the best decision I made. I also appreciated the support from the Committee to Elect Barbara, Bill and Monica.

It is a relief to have the election behind us, but now the hard work begins. We are fortunate to have an excellent new EMS chief, Jerry Martin, coming on board soon, and I am glad to be able to work with him. Most of all, I am happy to be representing all islanders in this special place we call home.

Barbara Sharp

San Juan Island