About Us

SanJuanJournal.com was founded on Oct. 2, 1998 as an online news and information source about San Juan Island and the area. It is updated daily. SanJuanJournal.com functions as a different entity than The Journal. There are stories and features included in The Journal and its magazines that are not included on SanJuanJournal.com. Likewise, there are stories and features on SanJuanJournal.com that are not included in The Journal and its magazines. The Journal of the San Juan Islands was founded on Sept. 13, 1906 as the Friday Harbor Journal. The Journal is published Wednesdays and has more readers than any other information source on San Juan Island. Besides producing award-winning news, sports and features coverage, the Journal staff also produces The Book of the San Juan Islands, an almanac and relocation guide; and Springtide, a visitors’ guide. The newspaper also produces special sections related to business, education, sports and the San Juan County Fair. The Journal’s home base, San Juan Island, is 55.3 square miles and has a population of 6,500 people.