Help for Parin Columna | Letter

I am writing this letter on behalf of my brother, Parin Columna. Many of you have noticed Parin’s physical change and have asked about his health. He is a private person and preferred not to reveal his health issues. For over a year our family has honored his request for privacy but his health is declining and needs compassion and support from family and friends.

Parin desperately needs a kidney transplant. His only functioning kidney is at 15% which means without a transplant he will soon be on dialysis which is a solution limitations.

After months of numerous appointments and tests on-island, in Bellingham and Seattle, he has been accepted into the University of Washington’s Transplant program, the premier center in the northwest. With the UW and a matching donor, Parin has a good chance of survival.

The program depends on donors, volunteers who register with the UW program, are tested for compatibility and are willing to donate a kidney. Unfortunately, each of my siblings and I have medical issues that rule out being donors. We are however trying to bring awareness of Parin’s situation in hopes that a donor will surface. If you know of someone who might be interested in being a donor, I have attached the donor form which is the first step in the process.

We know that finding a match can be a long process, thus we are contacting family and friends to raise awareness and increase the odds of finding a donor as soon as possible.

To register, visit

Thank you.

Sharyn – sister of Parin on San Juan Island

Questions can be sent to, and we will forward them to Sharyn.