Hearing on Island’s third cement plant April 24 | Letter

A public hearing on the island’s third cement plant approval will be held Wednesday, tomorrow, on 24 April at 8:30 am in the County Council Hearing Room at 55 Second Street. A materials storage yard and Harbor Propane occupy the lots at present in the Beaverton Business Park. Impacts including noise, dust, and caustic runoff from concrete production may not be compatible with neighboring occupants. Should operations be sequestered in a building as stipulated for manufacturing during the zone change from R-5 to RG (Rural General use)? Absent mitigation, growth of local businesses and living conditions of nearby residences could be adversely affected. Long-term, wetlands to westward merit consideration. Delivery of raw materials and fully loaded 60,000-pound concrete trucks leaving #181 Salt Spring Drive may result in costly damage to Beaverton Valley Road, where taxpayers already bear the brunt of costly frequent repair.

Gay Wilmerding,

San Juan Island