Thanks for a good campaign run | Letters

I had an amazing time in the recent campaign enjoying many pleasant encounters. Learning about our community needs and walking the streets passing out brochures, candy, apples and pet food can lids allowed me to connect with many.

I have a better appreciation of who we are and where our focus lies. We want to be safe, sheltered, healthy, well fed and enjoy security of a well-run community. We came to this island to be a part of a people who appreciate the environment, love the arts, raise good kids and work our land. I helped carry groceries, stopped a loose tiny dog from running into the street, held up a fence while it was secured and met islanders of all walks.

I also experienced some screamers and not so cordial people that tested my verbal control but I realize people are passionate and a few were raised by hyenas.

Thank you to all who helped in my campaign. I have a sense of letting you down. I am sorry. Keep the faith. Don’t be afraid to speak up when you need. Keep focused on positive healthy goals. I do pray we are served well by our electeds and wish them good fortune.

Michelle Loftus

San Juan Island