Hoping the best for my new community in this election | Letters

While I am fairly new to the island, I do care about this community andhave taken the time to fully research the candidates for SJCPHD. I want to consider each candidate as an individual by looking at their history in the community and their other involvements.

Candidate websites and Facebook pages and candidate forums are all great ways to get information. But often a simple Google search of each candidate’s name provides much more information just by looking at the top ten hits. Doing this type of research takes energy and inclination.

If you are thirsty for the truth but you don’t have time to do all the research, then I suggest you go to Believe the Best. There are links to primary documents on a wide variety of topics, from what the role of a commissioner is, what the 97 percent really means, and even the history of the litigation with links to primary documents.

Hoping the best for my new community.

Kelley Unger

Friday Harbor