Francie Hansen was right | Letters

In about a week this hospital board election will be over, and I for one will be glad. I wonder if any of the candidates had any idea what they were getting into when they said, “Sure I’ll run. The job doesn’t pay anything, but it could be fun.” Right.

Actually I’m not worried about who wins. I’ve spoken, and listened, to all the candidates, and feel that if elected, each of them will put their heart and soul into the position. It’s the rest of the islanders I’m worried about.

This winter when the wind knocks trees down and the power out, the cable is cut, the ferry breaks again, or neighbors needs a helping hand, we need to remember that we live on a small island and that first and foremost we’re islanders. We pull together. We take care of our own.

Let’s do what Francie Hansen suggested: Sit down, have a cup of coffee, and really listen to someone who has a different opinion. I know its wishful thinking, but we just might learn something.

Mike Buettell

Friday Harbor