Conflicts of interest in this hospital race | Letters

In Sue Buettell’s letter she wrote, “There have been allegations in letters to the editor stating that some candidates are in support of litigation against the hospital district. Where are the facts supporting these allegations? If these statements can be substantiated by facts from primary source documents, please supply them for the rest of us to read. We thirst for the truth. If not, refrain from accusations and falsehoods.”

Sue, if you truly “thirst for the truth” you, and every voter, should go to Believe the Best that is included in the ad in the Journal (page 2, upper left hand corner). Please type it on your address line to go quickly to the site. Then please click on “legal maneuverings.” Be sure to click on the comments at the end of each posting on “text” or “comments.” There you can get to the truth of Monica Harrington as you will see her “fingerprints” all over the American Civil Liberties Union lawsuit.

Monica Harrington is the founder of CatholicWatch, go through the legal timeline chronological order of her efforts to go after hospitals certificate of need, which would have paralyzed our hospital for months when it needed to make the smallest of changes in services.

So the truth is all through this website for voters to go to so they can make an informed decision when they mark their ballots. When it comes to Monica Harrington running for public hospital board, can you say, “Conflict of interest?”

George Myers

San Juan Islands