Variances granted for Purple Lane Project

Kudos to the Home Trust for living up to their promise even when the city moves the target. And good on you Friday Harbor Council for honoring the planning codes. Now, time to hold the Purple Lane Project on Finnegan to its commitment.

Item eight of the PLProject application commits to a “walking path around the perimeter of the subdivision.” Four years, 17 occupancies and still no path. PL Project couldn’t now create a perimeter path since they have filled the perimeter with parking. Not great for children. Residents potty walk dogs trespassing on neighbors’ property. Not easy for the handicapped getting to cars or mailboxes. And now the council holds up occupancy for HolliWalk mostly over an application error about a sidewalk.

Online articles praised the PL Project:

“It’s easy to talk about what is wrong, bemoan unmet needs, complain about conditions. It’s much harder and rarer for someone to step up and take action. While it won’t resolve everything, we hope to make a dent.” -Charles

They claimed “Economies-of-scale, lower-cost from off-island construction, 20% less material, 15% less labor, two-day assembly. All completed in a year.” Four years, only 17 of 23 completed. Now drainage issues, piles of construction material, rock quarry, and weeds.

They promised 26 “affordable” homes estimated to sell for $250K- $270K. However the first units sold for $295k in 2020, now listing for $449K down from $520K.

So much variance allowed the PL Project and so little for the Home Trust, which creates genuine affordable homes in perpetuity.

Jeff Rachwitz, San Juan Island