Friday Harbor Pet Supply celebrates 25 years of business

Friday Harbor Pet Supply owner Annie Hutton grew up in Washington and had made many visits to the island throughout her childhood. She eventually moved to the island in 1994 and acquired the pet store from its previous owner in 1998, opening as Friday Harbor Pet Supply. Since its opening, the store has lived in three locations: Serena Business Park, Spring Street, and its current location on Web Street. Over the years, Hutton has used her business to help support and promote the Friday Harbor Animal Shelter, including keeping a donation bin in her store for patrons to donate food, toys, and clothing for the animals living in the shelter. Hutton is grateful for the support the community has reciprocated the past 25 years, and hopes to continue running the store for years to come.

“[Friday Harbor Pet Supply] is here for the community. Without them, we wouldn’t be here. Serving the community is the most important,” said Hutton.