UFOs in Friday Harbor? It appears Vashon has ’em, too | Letters

I saw the orange lights in the sky that Jim Dunn saw, (“Friday Harbor man reports UFO sighting,” Jan. 28, pg. 2) but the month before.

It was a clear night. I went to my sliding doors to pull the curtains. I had just looked at my watch, when I saw them. This is what I wrote of the experience:

On the night of Dec. 22, 2014, at 7:35 p.m., for five or more minutes, I saw fireballs in the sky over the north end of Vashon Island, Wash. I immediately went outside. All was silent.

The strange phenomena that I can only describe as fireballs were extremely bright, orange disks with pinkish-bright edges or centers. I might have seen a bit of metallic rim to one, as I tried to observe as closely as I could.

The five disks were beautiful and seemed individually either to burn up, or fade off in space. I live on a hill and watched, mesmerized, until below me on the island, five more fireballs in extremely rapid succession shot over the trees in a west to east trajectory, seeming to rise out of Puget Sound, skimming from the horizon upward into the night sky.

The fact that there was no sound confirmed to me that these were not flares (they did not fall downward), and not fireworks, or drones. To add to my astonishment, the objects became jittery, then flew into two formations. One fairly rectangular, the other more linear.

I called my in-laws, living on the road above, to look out their window. My sister-in-law later described what she had seen as a big red ball in the sky. The objects never moved toward Seattle, staying in front of my vision, northward, until they were gone.

I tried a local editor here, to see if others had witnessed the event, especially since Vashon is the site of the recent movie, “Incident on Maury,” about a UFO in 1947, but to no avail.  So I am so grateful to you, Dennis, the Journal, and to Jim Dunn for publishing this. And giving me somewhere to share this happening.

I tell every one I can. And one of those friends, in Ohio, had seen your article online and emailed me.

Ina Whitlock/Vashon Island