Home Trust thanks volunteers | Letter

On July 18, 13 regional and district managers of Wells Fargo Bank from around the state of Washington descended on San Juan Island for a day of volunteering at the San Juan Community Home Trust’s Sun Rise II neighborhood.

All wearing red Wells Fargo T-shirts, the group came ready to help wherever needed. The rainy weather in the days prior to their arrival meant that the plans to do exterior painting had to be revised. Instead, they scraped old exterior paint, taped off areas to be painted, primed stair risers, and taped down protective plastic. They also painted a door and trim which had not been affected by the rain.

In addition, a smaller group worked under the house of a current homeowner to improve insulation and air sealing. It was a very busy five hours for these 13 good-humored and energetic volunteers, and the SJC Home Trust is grateful to them and to Wells Fargo for making this kind of effort possible—supporting organizations working to solve the widespread affordable housing problem.

Home Trust executive director David Gow, the staff and the board wish to thank Wells Fargo for its work and for the $15,000 donation made towards their work!

Sarah Crosby

San Juan Island