Animal Shelter thanks donor

  • Thu Aug 1st, 2019 1:30am
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Submitted by The Animal Protection Society of Friday Harbor

The Animal Protection Society of Friday Harbor sends warm thanks to Bella, the granddaughter of APS-FH supporter and animal lover Daryl Grazia, for her hard-earned June gift.

Bella, while visiting San Juan Island for a couple of weeks this summer, engaged in entrepreneurial activity: opening a lemonade stand to raise funds for the APS-FH. Following her first week of operations, Bella and her grandmother brought into the shelter a donation of $30 in lemonade stand proceeds, followed the second week by Daryl returning to deliver an additional donation from Bella of $20. Bella who had already returned home left a lasting impression on us at APS-FH for her impressive entrepreneurial spirit and generosity to the homeless animals at the shelter while visiting Friday Harbor. The lemon obviously doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to Bella and her grandmother Daryl.

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of shelter pets.

“Giving is not just about making a donation, it’s about making a difference,” Kathy Calvin, president and chief executive officer of the United Nations Foundation, said.

The Animal Protection Society of Friday Harbor’s mission is to provide compassionate care and brighter futures for homeless animals, with a commitment to providing a safe haven for homeless and lost animals; reuniting lost pets with their owners; placing animals in our care into qualified and loving homes; reducing pet overpopulation through spay or neuter education and assistance; advising and advocating for the protection of animals; networking with other shelters and pet rescue groups impacted by overcrowding or natural disasters to decrease euthanasia rates to save lives; advocating for animal welfare through education, outreach and assistance; promoting a stronger sense of the animal and human bond; and always adhering to our no-kill philosophy for adoptable animals.

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