Wolverines’ golf updates

Submitted by Coach Jack Rice

Friday Harbor Vs Mount Vernon Christian Golf Match Thursday, March 14 at SJ Golf & Tennis Club. This is a very young team, and it has been a slow start to this season because of the bad weather. Jack, Finn, Sam and PJ all played well for as little as we have been able to practice. Returning Senior Ryan is knocking on the door along with Fisher. First year player Cyres, after only a couple weeks of golf, is showing strong potential. The men lost by a little more than a handful to the always strong MVC men’s team, while the lady’s team, led by Akira, beat MVC by two shots.

Results are as follows:

Friday Harbor Boys Team

Sam Herda 45 Freshman Low 4 Players 194

Jack Hess 46 Sophomore

PJ Nixon 51 Freshman

Finn Graham 52 Sophomore

Ryan Rautenberg 52 Senior

Fisher Goosman 54 Junior

Cyrus Rollins 55 Freshman

Bryce Ridwan 61 Senior

Oscar Coffey 62 Senior

Lucian Colmenares 63 Senior

Oliver Grifo 65 8th Grader

Randy Rebham 66 Freshman

Mount Vernon Christian Boys Team

Jaxon Perry 42 Low 4 Players 188

Isaac Betz 47

Andrew Stogner 49

Sean Russell 50

Friday Harbor Ladies Team

Akira Tokunaga 55 Freshman Low 2 Players 116

Reese Tangney 61 Senior

MVC Ladies Team

Livi Burton 50 Low 2 Players 118

Alussa Pringle 68