Wolverine baseball and softball wins and losses

The Friday Harbor Wolverines baseball team played two games against Mount Baker Saturday, March 16.

Junior Gavin Mason pitched during the first game. Mount Baker was a formidable opponent, winning the first game 4-9. With three of those runs coming home toward the end of the game, watchers could tell the Friday Harbor team was just getting warmed up. Senior Yadir Plaza took the mound for the second game.

Mount Baker scored first, in the second inning. Senior Lucas Chevalier scored not long after. Freshman Connor Haines, junior Ty Anderson scored in the fourth, as well as Mason and Plaza. Junior Jaden Jones also came home but was tagged out at the base. At the bottom of the fifth inning, the score was 5-1. Junior Nick Herko made it home off a hit by Jones. Mount Baker got runners on base but was unable to bring any home. The final score was 6-1.

The next home games are against Sultan Friday, March 22, at 4:45 p.m. and Nooksack Valley at noon Saturday, March 23.

The Wolverines softball team also played two games against Mount Baker Saturday, March 16.

Siri Lindstrom pitched strong all seven innings of the first game. The Wolverines fought hard and worked consistently together as a team, but struggled for hits. Sophomore Bristol Halvorson scored one run in the bottom of the fifth, during the first game. Outfielder junior Liz Cruz caught a high pop up, keeping runners from scoring during the sixth inning. The final score was 1-6.

Senior Grace Pauls took the mound during the second game and it was closed by sophomore Raylee Miniken. Mount Baker tightened up their outfield the second game, making it difficult for the Wolverines to score. They lost 0-6.

Keeping a busy schedule, Wolverines play Sultan in Friday Harbor next, at 4:45 p.m. Friday, March 22, and Nooksack Valley at noon on Saturday, March 23.


Staff photo/Heather Spaulding. Ty Anderson runs home.

Staff photo/Heather Spaulding. Ty Anderson runs home.