Pet of the Week | Kaleesa

Name: Kaleesa

Age: 7 months

Sex: Female

Breed: Lab mix

Origin: Mexico

Weight: 33 pounds

Personality: Sincerely sweet, cuddle bug and a dancing queen

Energy level: Medium

Likes: Birdwatching, plentiful playdates and fresh-cut grass

Dislikes: Fetch, Wet Paws, Un-itchable itches, Being indoors on a sunny day

Beware of Kaleesa the Kissy Monster! If you dare to venture near her den for a Meet and Greet, prepare yourself to be attacked with love, smothered in kisses and then have your heart stolen! Once she has succeeded in captivating you with her charm, you will be hers and you must explore the world together! This little lovebud is BEAUTY & THE BEAST, all rolled into one. From her masked eyes and crescent blue moon iris, to her chocolate ears and lightly dappled coat, Kaleesa is quite striking. However brave this lass may be, she still has some “stranger danger” towards particular people. She would do well in a home that would work with her fear and let her decide when she is ready for things, and with an adopter who wants to continue with her training, further building trust and creating a lasting bond fur-ever!!!

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