Vote yes for San Juan School levy | Sponsored content

San Juan Island School District is asking voters to renew the existing capital projects and technology levy for the next four years. This levy provides essential funding to stay current with educational technology and for safety improvements, major repairs, and maintenance.

The school district regularly applies for competitive grant funding but is still reliant on local levy support to maintain facilities and fund technology systems.

This levy reauthorizes an expiring levy. The total levy dollar amount is a fixed amount. As new construction is added more property owners contribute to the levy and each owner pays less. For example, in 2020, voters approved $0.39 per $1,000 of property value, but with new construction, only paid $0.28 per $1,000 averaged over four years. The renewal request is for $0.34 per $1,000 of property value. This is $0.05 per $1,000 less than what voters previously approved. This levy request is an increase of less than $4 per month for an $800,000 home.

The district has been very intentional in the levy process. The committee included community representatives, parents, school board directors and staff. A capital and technology implementation plan guides this process ensuring students and teachers have a safe, healthy environment and tools necessary for teaching and learning.

The whole community benefits as district facilities are used by many groups for recreation, meetings, and events, on evenings and weekends, year-round.

This levy preserves, protects, and improves these community-owned assets for future generations.

Vote YES for our schools!