Griffin Bay Bookstore and San Juan Island Library present Kirk Hanson, author of ‘A forest of your own’

Submitted by Griffin Bay Bookstore

Griffin Bay Bookstore and the San Juan Island Library are proud to present educator and author Kirk Hanson on Saturday, June 1 at 6 p.m. at the Library. Kirk is the co-author, with Seth Zuckerman, of the new book A Forest of Your Own: A Handbook of Ecological Forestry. He works at the Northwest Natural Resource Group promoting ecological forestry – an approach that mimics natural processes wherever possible and treats the forest as a whole system. Kirk is a small woodland owner with over 200 acres of family-owned forestland in western Washington. He’s worked on behalf of small woodland owners for more than 25 years, bringing a passion for ecological forestry and simplified hands-on management practices that allows forest owners to take a direct role in the stewardship of their own land. Kirk understands the issues and opportunities facing small woodland owners and seeks to help forest owners to optimize the economic and ecological potential of their forests. He also teaches ecological forestry as an adjunct instructor at the Evergreen State College.

His new book explores all aspects of forest management. It covers everything from how to evaluate a piece of land before you buy it through implementing long-term plans that may include establishing new stands of trees, harvesting mushrooms as well as wood, and protecting your forests through wildfire risk reduction, climate change adaptation and conservation easements. It is a clear guide, loaded with helpful illustrations, addressing pros and cons of various species and how to best care for wildlife and the land.

Griffin Bay Bookstore will be on hand so you can get your own copy signed by the author after the presentation at the library.