Taylor Hollis, a Distinguished Regents Scholar, graduates from WSU

Friday Harbor High School Alumn Taylor Hollis graduated from Washington State University on May 18 with a “Distinguished Regents Scholar and Outstanding Senior for the Department of Psychology.

“My original plan was majoring in creative writing,” Hollis told the Journal. “After taking a couple of psychology classes I fell in love with it.”

During the award presentation for Hollis,her remarkable journey was outlined, along with a display of her education career/ life photos. Hollis was joined on stage by Dr. Carrie Cutler and Dr. Lucas Huckaby from the Department of Psychology.

Huckaby began, saying “[Hollis] is graduating with two degrees, A Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in English, and Creative Writing. When considering where to go to school, Taylor was drawn to Portland, but as a Distinguished Regents Scholar with a full tuition scholarship, it became an easy choice to attend WSU. She loves the school spirit and the town vibe. Taylor’s teaching and research experience is substantial. She was a Teaching Assistant for the Psychology Undergraduate Practicum; for Psych 333, Fundamentals of Psychological Disorders, Psych 321, Personality, and Psych 311, Statistics in Psychology. As a Research Assistant for the first DEA/FDA-approved human clinical trial with cannabis conducted in the State of Washington, which is focused on examining the acute effects of cannabis on a broad range of memory outcomes as well as food consumption, Taylor’s primary role was to monitor participants through a one-way mirror while they sober up. As a Social Work Intern for the Department of Children, Youth, and Families, she conducted assessments, advocated for client rights, working closely with a team to coordinate services.”

Dr. Carrie Cuttler then added “Taylor is intelligent, hardworking, responsible, personable, and professional. She has demonstrated outstanding academic performance and has contributed substantially to our department. Personal Statement: This school has been very generous to me, starting with giving me a full tuition scholarship and ending with this award. The Psychology faculty have continuously gone above and beyond to ensure their students’ success. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with various professors as a TA, and I want to thank Dr. Cuttler for nominating me for this award, as well as Dr. Huckaby for helping prepare me for graduate school. I also want to thank my supportive family and friends, especially my mom for always believing in me and being there throughout it all. Taylor will begin graduate school this fall in the Lewis & Clark College Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling program to earn a master’s degree.”

Her long-term goal is opening a private practice as a therapist. She told the Journal that while she doesn’t have specifics set out yet, “I picked marriage and family therapy because I think that is where you can figure out relationship dynamics which helps gain a different perspective on the individual.”