Yes, we can have ferry reservations

After years — nay, decades — of the ferry system telling islanders that they couldn’t set up a general reservation system for the ferry (they already have one for special users) — sometimes telling us it wasn’t legal to do so, sometimes telling us it would be impossible to implement — we now read in The Seattle Times (May 17) that they started a general reservations system for the Keystone-Port Townsend run.

The reason is that “ferry officials are worried about logjams at the terminals.” Gosh. Like there are never logjams at our terminals during the summer?

I guess that Port Townsend and Keystone have more political clout than we do. But now that we know that the ferry system not only has decided that it can legally set up a general reservations system, but has the resources in place to actually operate one, it is time for our County Council and our Ferry Advisory Committee to insist that this system also be implemented on the most backlogged and overloaded runs in the ferry system.

Christopher Hodgkin
Friday Harbor