Yes for Farhad | Letters

I have personally worked with Farhad Ghatan for over five years. I have found him to be one of the finest people I have ever met. He is thoughtful, multi-talented, extremely hard working and a man of his word. He will make an excellent and far-seeing Mayor for Friday Harbor.

David M. Jenkins

San Juan Island

We are supporting Farhad Ghatan for mayor. He is qualified, tested and can be trusted to continue the progress the town has achieved over the last several years.

As a successful bed and breakfast entrepreneur, small home developer, and active community volunteer, we know Farhad has the right business acumen and commitment to our community to be a mayor we can be proud of.

Farhad has given so much to our community with his volunteer activities and projects almost too numerous to count. Farhad is an experienced and seasoned member of the town council, planning commission, arts commission, and lodging tax advisory committee. Farhad is also an active member and champion of our vibrant arts community.

We care deeply about the well being of our town and we know Farhad does, too. We believe our town will be in good hands with Farhad at the helm.

(P.S. Our yard sign was taken from in front of our house. We would appreciate getting it back.)

Current mayor Carrie Lacher and Howie Rosenfeld

San Juan Island

For those who have yet to vote, I’m writing to share why I endorse Farhad Ghatan for Mayor of Friday Harbor.

Farhad has many attributes that make him suited to be mayor.

He is qualified because of his longtime commitment to contributing to the community in ways that both protects and enhances the island way of life on many levels, business-wise, civic and creative.

Benefiting Friday Harbor is key to his vision and thoroughly considered plan of action for enriching this community that he appreciates so much.

That includes working with highly qualified members of local government like Town Administrator and skilled grant writer, Duncan Wilson, who has done much to improve quality of life, traffic safety, accessibility and more for pedestrians and drivers of all ability levels. This shows that Farhad works with the best to get the best results for all involved.

Farhad is also a successful local business owner dedicated to helping improve and champion the community’s businesses because he knows that the more islanders thrive the better.

As a lifelong devotee to the arts, Farhad will also promote the arts, a vital part of what makes Friday Harbor such a beloved, vibrant place to live.

Farhad is a friend who is genuinely interested in the goals, needs and concerns of his fellow islanders. He demonstrated that by seeking me out to learn more about my focus on accessibility and traffic safety for all. That’s something of particular importance to me after accidentally being hit in town, then almost hit so many times since that I’ve lost track.

On a more personal level, I can share direct experience of Farhad being of service after he volunteered then helped me with leaks around my house. That’s because he lives the good he believes in and in doing so sets an admirable example for others.

With that in mind, if he treats everyone with that same kind of generosity of time, focus, interest and dedication, then with your vote Friday Harbor is in great, capable hands with Farhad as mayor, leading by deed.

Aaron D’Errico

San Juan Island