When is enough, enough? No on Proposition 2 | Letter

San Juan County is an exceptional community inhabited by extraordinarily kind and generous people who truly want the best for our citizens. All of the organizations that benefit from the levy on our property taxes are worthy endeavors that do good work. Most of us who live in San Juan County work very hard to be able to live this very special lifestyle. We sacrifice and budget every month making decisions on what we can pay for now or what will have to be put off until later. We do not have the ability to reach into someone else’s wallet every time we want something we can’t currently afford. I think it is time for elected officials to do the same. Property taxes have been raised several times in recent years and yes, a “levy lid lift” is just a deceptive way to say they want to raise our taxes again.

Government officials, even those with good intentions, have an insatiable thirst for more and more taxpayer money. There seems to be no regard for the sacrifices the hardworking citizens of San Juan County may have to make so that they don’t have to. When is enough ever going to be enough? I think that time is now. Vote NO on Proposition 2.

Lauren Cohen

San Juan Island