Vote yes for EMS

Since 1976 San Juan Island EMS has provided qualified and compassionate emergency medical services on San Juan Island and in later years expanded to include some outer islands.

San Juan Island EMS is a fiscally responsible public agency. It paid off its building bond 10 years early freeing up funds to train and hire a 5th paramedic. Its existing levy which expires this year was approved at .50 cents. This 6-year levy renewal request is 45 cents.

San Juan Island EMS is an agency whose staff understands and conducts themselves professionally as public employees. It ranks top in the nation in the quality of care they deliver and in patient satisfaction. San Juan EMS has a long history of excellence.

The recommendations from the Citizen Advisory Group report to merge Fire and EMS is referenced by opponents as the reason not to renew this levy. This CAG study was started in 2018 and adopted in early 2019. That was a long time ago and is outdated. 2019 was pre-covid and 3 years later we all know that nothing is the same anymore. Lastly, in following the recommendations from the CAG, a ballot measure for the Fire District to operate EMS was voted down by the public just a few months ago,

If you want well trained, qualified and compassionate EMT’s and Medics to respond quickly and efficiently to your or a loved one’s medical emergency Vote YES to EMS levy this February.

Sally and Tim Thomsen

Orcas Island