Vote Jarman- letter

We will cast our vote for County Council District 1 for Bob Jarman. Bob has a proven track record which should be applauded by our community. Rather than sailing off into retirement, Bob is standing up for the citizens of San Juan County. The knowledge that Bob possesses with regard to every island cannot be ignored. Bob understands the different cultures of each island because he has worked on all of them.

We have talked to Bob about the “state” of the islands and understand through Bob that the current council has great working relationships and sound momentum. As farmers and past business owners here in Friday Harbor we appreciate Bob’s business knowledge, knowing that he too has been in our shoes.

OPALCO recently held an open meeting regarding our power grid and broadband to update the county’s citizens. Of the 15 citizens that attended, there was Bob, ready to find out how things are progressing in our county on separate issues other than what is coming across his desk.

We appreciate the fact that Bob is impartial and does not choose a party in this “non-partisan” race. Bob is for all islanders and has shown his ability to cooperate with an open mind and sound judgement on our behalf.

Rex and Lisa Guard

Friday Harbor