The Barbara Sharp agenda | Letters

I am a candidate for the hospital district board, position #2. My campaign has been the subject of substantial misrepresentations by several letter writers whose claims have no basis in fact.

Some authors have stated or implied that I have been endorsed by theSan Juan County Democratic Party. This is false. Also false are accusations that I am part of a “partisan slate” or “political bloc.” There is no political voting bloc in this election.

I deliberately chose not to seek any political party endorsements. However, I respect the right of other candidates to make different choices that make sense for them. I do not have a “political agenda,” nor am I devoted to a single issue. I did accept an endorsement from Planned Parenthood Votes NW because the local Planned Parenthood facility provides essential, affordable health care services. This is not a political party endorsement; it is support for health care for all islanders.

I direct my own campaign and have my own political advertising. I am also supported by a group of local residents who also support Bill Williams and Monica Harrington. This group, The Committee to Elect Barbara, Bill, and Monica, is not a political party, nor is it running a “partisan slate.”

Instead, it is a group of islanders who are concerned about our hospital district, with its history of two failed EMS levies. They, like any other district residents, have the right to support their favored candidates in an open and appropriate manner, with full disclosure through the state Public Disclosure Commission.

In response to the continued flood of vitriol and substantial misrepresentations, I stand by my answers to questions, including those pertaining to reproductive health care and end of life issues, posed by the editors of The Journal and The San Juan Islander, and my statements at the voters’ forums.

Here is my agenda: Passage of an EMS levy by regaining the public’s trust that their tax dollars will be used wisely and efficiently; making sure all islanders have access to the best possible range of health care services.

Barbara Sharp

SJCPHD Board #2 candidate