Thank you United Way | Letter

As we conclude the 2021-2022 school year, the Primary Intervention Program (P.I.P) at Friday Harbor Elementary School would like to give a thank you to United Way of San Juan County for another year of support to the program! The P.I.P program is an early intervention program that works with students from kindergarten through third grade. P.I.P is available to ensure that all students have the opportunity to achieve and succeed. As we know, a child’s life can be full of changes many of which they have no control over. This can cause anxiety, stress, and feelings in a child that can make it difficult for them to concentrate in the classroom. The students selected for the program come once a week to the playroom, where they can play-out” and identify many of their feelings. Our focus is to make the child’s educational experience successful by helping them develop resiliency, build self-esteem and confidence all of which they take back to the classroom. With the support of United Way of San Juan County, the P.I.P program can give our elementary school students the essential health they need. We could not provide this service without the support of the UWSJC. Again, thank you United Way of San Juan County for your dedicated support in serving the young people of our community.

With gratitude,

Alexis Hauck

Primary Intervention Program Coordinator

San Juan Island