Thank you to San Juan County | Letter

I am a local Island house designer as well as a project developer and designer for Ravenhill Construction LLC.

I have spent a lot of time over the last decades working with the county building department. Submitting and guiding many projects through the permit process from submission to final occupancy.

I just wanted to comment on the online submission process that has been rolled out during this year. In short, it is an excellent innovation. I thoroughly enjoy the streamlined permit submission process that the online portal offers. I can only imagine it saves the staff a ton of time and a lot of grief.

I appreciate that both the owners and myself can track the progress of the permit through the online portal. It takes the mystery out of the process by laying everything out online. Kudos for instigating this. I know that my fellow design professionals in Seattle and Bellingham have been submitting online for years. Everyone has been pleased with it. I am happy that San Juan Island is following suit.

On another note. I also wanted to give kudos to the current staff and management. Having worked with many iterations of staff at CD&P I feel that the current operation is a solid team. Responsive, knowledgeable and functional. Knowing that house construction is a major economic engine for the county it is a benefit for all to have an efficient and well-run building department.

Looking forward to the continued working relationship with CD&P.

Jonathan Hu

San Juan Island