Thank you Good Samaritan | Letter

I’m writing to thank the Good Samaritan who helped me get my pickup truck moving when I was stuck in the snow on upper Spring Street in Friday Harbor on Jan. 15, after the snowstorm.

I had snow tires, but was stuck in about 4 inches of snow/ice at the curb. I’d already slipped and fallen twice while trying to clear away snow when a man in his 60s walked by and asked if he could help. I said “sure” but didn’t think much would happen as the truck is a heavy, 2WD diesel. Well, this stranger started clearing away snow and soon we had done enough to give it a try — no luck. Then he pushed while I rocked the truck back-and-forth – still nothing. The local tow trucks were overly busy and couldn’t come to help either. I began thinking I was going to be staying in a motel in town overnight while trying to arrange for a tow-truck to assist me on Thursday.

Just as I was about to give up, the man climbed onto the rear bumper, grabbed the cargo rack and started to jump up and down. This was “above and beyond,” but it worked — the truck started to move! I slowly inched out into the middle of the street, and not daring to stop leaned out the window and yelled my profound thanks; he got off the bumper and waved goodbye. I continued on and was able to make it home; I never did learn his name.

What this wonderful gentleman did not know was why I was in town at all. I had just left the veterinarian’s office and walked up to my vehicle, having euthanized my wonderful and dedicated Airedale only a few minutes before. She suffered from severe arthritis; the night before she collapsed completely and could not walk, sit or perform basic bodily functions. We knew we had no choice, but that didn’t make it any easier. When I got back to my truck and realized I was stuck and probably going nowhere, I was feeling about as “low” as can be.

To this perfect stranger, this Good Samaritan in every sense, all I can say is “Thank You ” – you helped me when I truly needed it.

John Chessell

San Juan Island