Support for a dorm house | Letter

Support for a dorm house

A recent letter by Mike Buettell made some good points. We all know seasonal and lower-income locals need housing.

I’m not sure if anything can be done now, but the old Life Care Center sat empty for years. I feel it could have been or can be used for low-income and seasonal workers. I’ve been there and as far as I Can remember…

The rooms were furnished including beds, closets etc., and with bathrooms. TV’s dorm fridges, coffee makers and microwaves can be added if not already there. Kind of like hotel rooms. If I remember right, there were quite a few rooms. There’s temperature control. There’s meeting and dining rooms, a commercial kitchen. Perhaps a rent break to some tenants to prepare breakfast and dinner everyday. Maybe cafeteria style. Other tenants could get a break to clean the facility, etc. Utilize other people’s skills.

There’s a large laundry area something could work out. Possibly coin-ops. Lots of parking. Security for entrance. Office spaces. Wifi. This place has a lot of potential.

I don’t know what the costs associated with running this would be to set rent. What kind of federal, state and local help could be applied?

If millions can be found to pave a hiking trail, why not this?

Just saying.

Don Adams

San Juan Island