Spreading positivity | Letter

Spreading positivity | Letter

I was recently given a subscription to the Journal and was extremely disappointed that most of the articles in the May 13 edition were about gloom and doom. Certainly we are all acutely aware of the crisis that we’re living through. But, it seems to me that the role of a newspaper is greater than reporting the details of that crisis. We all need a good dose of positivity!

I feel our paper could do more to encourage hope, share a little light on living life, seeing a glass half full.

On my refrigerator I have a cartoon “If you tire of your dreams, there is always reality.” That little quote has helped me for years, put the joy card on the top of my deck. John Lennon’s song “Imagine” adds to the mix.

Instead of continuing to cast the blanket of darkness I’m looking for the clean white sheet. We need to dig deep inside our core and develop that peace and calm in our islands which will help us feel strong and centered. I believe the Journal could help.

Articles that address how to be a good supportive friend; the art of listening; what is your go-to happy place during this time; creating life alternatives; what do you do with your fear, anger concerns; scared feelings; what’s happening that is great today; an inspirational story.

Let’s adore and endure each other.

Francie Hansen

San Juan Island