Spread ‘Stand Up’ message | Letter

In recent days and weeks, we have all read and seen the news about the massive sexual assault scandals going on throughout this country. What started out as a Twitter statement “Me too” has turned into a movement that has swept the nation. Every day it seems someone new is being named; people like Dustin Hoffman, Al Franken, Jeffrey Tambor and even the voice we grew up with at Lake Wobegon, Garrison Keeler among many, many others. But when it seems the list of men who are accused of sexual misconduct is endless, there is another group of men who won’t stand for this behavior.

Three years ago I had the honor of being the first “Stand up man” in a whole group of Stand up Men. You might see them standing at the courthouse lawn every Friday. This is a group of men who are dedicated enough to stand out there regardless of the elements. While I am not out there as often as I would like, you will see them standing there waving at the people with a passion and dedication that is unparalleled, talking to the people who stop and spreading a message that we as a society need now more than ever. That message is that as men, we won’t tolerate or put up with the pervasive sexual and physical misconduct against what started out as women, but really is everyone. This group of men goes out of their way to stand out there and make a point, to stop the cycle, to end the violence and to start treating our fellow human beings with the dignity and respect we all deserve.

These are some of the finest men that I have the honor and privilege of being associated with. If you see them stop and talk to them. If you feel the desire, come and stand with them. Help us all spread the message and maybe together we can all be a part of the answer to the ongoing and growing problem of sexual misconduct. And maybe together we can make this little corner of heaven, we call the San Juans, even better.

Ron Krebs

Stand up Man