Renew EMS


February 8th the voters of San Juan will be asked to renew an existing levy for the continuation of Emergency Medical Services (EMS). The voters have funded this service since it was moved out from under the administration of the Fire District and placed under the Public Hospital District (PHD). It is not a new tax.

Since this “divorce” in the mid 1990’s, EMS has flourished under the PHD and grown to become the highly rated and respected organization we all depend on today. The purpose of this levy renewal (the 5th in EMS history) is to continue to fund this healthy organization that is such an important part of the quality of life we have come to enjoy and depend upon in this community.

The choice is really that simple. There is however, a lot of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Deception) on the subject which tries to obscure the simple facts of the situation. If you want the truth, don’t just believe what you read, ask people you know, look for facts, attend meetings and ask questions (the PHD has an open/anonymous question/answer segment at the beginning and end of every monthly meeting). If you want to know why integration has failed after two years of trying, read the Citizen’s Advisory Group (CAG) report (found on the PHD web site) paying special attention to the “Absolutes” for integration on the very first page. If you do your homework, you will;

Vote, “Yes” on Renew EMS

Everett Clary

Public Hospital District #1