Program is helping families

As the Readiness to Learn Student/Family advocate at Lopez Secondary School, I would like to go on record with my appreciation for the DVSAS Family Options Program.

The Family Options Program is new to DVSAS this year. It provides 12 free counseling sessions to families who are experiencing or have experienced conflicts within their families. This counseling is provided by a psychotherapist with 30 years of experience working with families.

Many of us are well aware that the stress of working and raising a family is real and not getting any easier in our world today. For those who have not been parented in a healthy way themselves, this task is even more stressful. It was for this reason that the Family Options Program was developed.

In my job at the Lopez School, I have referred several families to the program and have been most impressed with the help they have received. This program is a huge gift to island families.

In these days of budget cuts for most education and social programs, it is heartening to see that we can support a program of this type. So, thank you to DVSAS and the various funding sources for this program!

Nancy Ewert
Lopez Island