Mayor’s testimony | Letter

Dear Colleagues,

It has come to our attention from you and our constituents that the Mayor testified at a number of public hearings over the last couple of months. We consider it a matter of public importance to explain the Council’s position.

When the Mayor testified before the San Juan County Council, Library Board and Port Commission, he did so without the knowledge of the Friday Harbor Town Council. The Town Council does not agree with his testimony nor do we condone his words or the manner in which they were delivered. We want you, as well as the public at large, to know the Mayor was representing himself. We trust this clears up any confusion or misunderstanding that transpired after his testimony.

Even though we do not share the specifics of the Mayor’s testimony, we do share his passion for affordable and workforce housing. This is a critical issue impacting our community. It will take a monumental effort on the part of local government, boards, foundations, the private sector and private citizens to solve this problem.

We value the collaborative relationship we have with San Juan County, the Port of Friday Harbor and the SJI Library and appreciate your respective missions and the work you do on behalf of San Juan Island residents.


Town Council

Steve Hushebeck, position 1

Noel Moninn, position 2

Anna Maria de Freitas, position 3

Mason Turnage, position 4

Barbara Starr, position 5