Manning for hospital commissioner | Letter

Having done my homework I wholeheartedly recommend John Manning for the SJC Public Hospital District Commissioner’s position.

My reasons:

• By way of formal education, he has a Master’s degree in Public Health Administration.

• He has 20 years of experience as the Director of our San Juan County Department of Health with its vast and multi-faceted budget.

• He has five years with Alaska EMS services in planning. This is most salient as our EMS Chief recently resigned. As such, our community is in harm’s way unless we quickly regain stability in an EMS agency that is fundamentally based on a volunteer group of dedicated EMTs who receive humble stipends for their services.

• He served as a board member with the San Juan Island Prevention Coalition, whose mission is to reduce substance abuse among our youth. The current Public Hospital District Board dedicated limited funds for this critical community need.

• His education, experience and dedication prove that he understands the many facets of public health care operations and finances.

By way of contrast his competitor pales in terms of qualifications, experience and expertise. This I say without malice…just a fact.

Robert Callegari

Friday Harbor