Land Bank is loved

Land Bank is loved

Great April Fools Day joke by Ron Whalen! [See “Land Bank problems predate Amaros” letter in the April 1 edition.] Some readers will be fooled, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time, particularly those in our county who have benefited by recreating over the years on the Land Bank’s wonderful properties and easements. And not those of us who appreciate its preservation of farm, forest, and scenic properties.

I personally have collaborated closely with the Land Bank since 2010 when I was chair of the San Juan Island Trails Committee when we worked together to expand public access and the construction of trails on its properties and easements on San Juan Island. I found the Land Bank then, and continue to this day, to be professionally managed and dedicated to efficiently providing and maintaining unparalleled recreational and conservation benefits to all citizens of our county at minimal cost to taxpayers.

Unfortunately, opponents have gone to unethical extremes recently, including a statement by one of their lawyers in court last year that the Land Bank had plans to create a “Disneyland-like” attraction on Mt. Grant. Don’t be fooled!

Hopefully, we will all be over the COVID-19 crisis by this summer and we can all begin again to take advantage of the recreational opportunities the Land Bank provides to our community. In the meantime, stay safe and wash your hands frequently. And don’t be fooled!

David Dehlendorf

San Juan Island