Join Jarman-Letter

Others have written letters of support for Bob Jarman, and I feel compelled to join that list. I have been on a board with Bob and have worked with him on a committee looking at the health care needs of SJC. I have been impressed with his diligence (he always comes to meetings prepared), his willingness to ask questions on issues in need of further explanation. He is nonpartisan, and responds only after considering what’s best for San Juan County residents.

Being a long time resident of San Juan Island, he also brings a historical perspective when needed that is helpful in the decision making process.

The qualities that I find most valuable are his calm demeanor, his sense of humor, and his willingness to listen without interruption and before he makes any conclusions. He should be reelected because he is a wonderful asset in the governance of our county.

Dale Heisinger

Orcas Island