In response to Mullis Center | Letter

The executive statement glossed over the facts. Not enough room here to explain what has been happening.

Just one example; Minni Knych walked into the Mullis Senior Center wearing an “I STAND FOR THE PLEDGE” sticker. Several people approached and asked for a sticker. She passed out stickers only on request. She was accused of political solicitation and to stop.

Minnie refused, a deputy was called, he arrived then escorted Minne off the property. Minnie now has a no-trespass order on file, will be arrested if she returns to MSCC. Minnie is unable to host the community Thanksgiving Dinner. Side note; I won’t be able to help with turkey carving.

The Island Community needs to be aware of the facts. Most would be appalled by the behavior of the board and some employees of Mullis Center. Two Vietnam vets have also been banned for life; no-trespass orders! The veterans are leading a peaceful sidewalk protest! Please give the protesters a honk, wave, thumbs up if you support us! If any support our protest, all are welcome to join us on the sidewalk! An opportunity to hear first hand what really happened!

Remember this year is the 75th-anniversary of D-DAY!

“I Stand For The Pledge”

Jack Gibson

Friday Harbor