How to vote this election season

Choosing what or who to vote for is really a very easy process. You can either vote along straight party lines the way you always have … or this time … you can look at the facts and vote for the candidates and issues that will try to solve all the problems we presently have. It’s simply a matter of looking at the facts, not your feelings or what you’ve always done in the past.

Here’s a simple guide that might help you make the right decisions.

Do you want to continue runaway inflation?

Do you want bigger and bigger government?

Do you want more totally incompetent government administrators?

Do you want a government that won’t set a budget?

Do you want more lockdowns?

Do you want more violations of your constitutional rights?

Do you want the FBI, Justice Department and IRS to persecute you because you may have the wrong politics?

Do you want more and more government telling you everything you can and cannot do?

Do you want more and more regulations that stifle small businesses?

Do you want the government and media to continue to sensor any opinions they don’t like?

Do you want judges and administrators making laws instead of your elected representatives?

Do you want your doctor to lose his license because he doesn’t agree with a politician’s decision?

Do you want more and more homeless people?

Do you want more and more deaths from drugs?

Do you want more and more crime and lawlessness?

Do you want to continue dumbing down our children in the Public School System?

Do you want woke ideologies in schools, universities and corporations?

Do you want totally open borders?

Do you want to believe that the world will end in 10 years unless we all switch to electricity?

Do you want the military to teach diversity and woke ideology instead of preparing for combat?

Do you want more disasters like the withdrawal from Afghanistan?

Do you want to have a “one world” government controlled by a few wealthy elites that dictate how you live your life?

Do you want the total destruction of our country, society and laws?

Or you can truthfully look at what happened in the last two years and vote for a change.

Robert Waunch

Orcas Island