Hospital district dithers and wastes taxpayer dollars | Letter

Hospital district dithers and wastes taxpayer dollars | Letter

There they go again. The San Juan County Public Hospital District #1 just hired another consultant to draft yet another strategic plan, on the heels of a similar deal that cost taxpayers about $50K, only 3 years ago. This, despite the fact that an EMS only plan will be obsolete once the proposed Fire/EMS merger is completed.

With a public notice of only two-days, the commissioners held a special meeting and agreed to an open-ended time and materials contract, with a $5K retainer, and without a request for alternative proposals. Commissioner Loring abstained on a 4:1 vote.

As Campaign Chair for the 2016 EMS levy, after two prior levies had failed, I want people to know that San Juan Island EMS barely survived this third attempt, because the Commission was persuaded to publish a projected 2017 budget, prior to the election.

Last month’s pause in the merger effort was reportedly due to Covid-19 concerns. But, wasting more time and money, could be fatal for EMS and our future Health and Safety.

A duly appointed Citizens Advisory Group spent a year studying and recommending the Fire/EMS merger. It has widespread support in both agencies, and with Josh Corsa, MD, our County EMS Medical Program Director.

Tell the Commissioners to stop wasting our time and money and get on with the business of protecting our community.

Loren Johnson, M.D.

Friday Harbor