Honor to be in Fourth of July parade | Letters

Participating in our Friday Harbor Fourth of July parade was an honor and is a heartfelt memory. Seeing our town and businesses proudly displaying flags and our country’s colors was moving and enriched this year’s theme: “America … All that we share.” What a grand and glorious celebration! How fortunate we are to call Friday Harbor and San Juan Island home.

Along with giving accolades and thanks to the San Juan Island Chamber of Commerce, we reach out with special appreciation to the Friday Harbor Town Manager and the Town Public Works Crew. Our town sparkled. Kudos and praise to the dedicated crew for their maintenance of our town, from the care they give to hanging baskets and trees to the pride they show in their workmanship in the new pocket park and new parking lot.

Well done crew — your efforts are appreciated — you and what you do make our community extra special, colorful and a safe and caring place to call home.

Carolyn Haugen, John and Emily Geyman

San Juan Island