Gaylord is best | Letter

We have known Randy Gaylord for over 20 years. We have known his family for those decades. When we think of Randy, we do not think of him as the county prosecutor, we think of him as one of the most honorable, honest, hardworking people we know.

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about transparency in the prosecutor’s race. Let us repeat: Randy is one of the most honorable, honest, hard-working people we know. Those are the very qualities that define “transparency” in context of the job of prosecutor.

We do not know Randy’s opponent. But on the subject of “transparency,” we have concerns. We are at a loss to understand how Nick Power will function in a county position given his incredible conflict of interest. It seems he has lawsuits filed, or pending, against San Juan County. So what now? Power claims he will recuse himself. Is he suggesting we vote for him, and then allow his lawsuits to continue; all the while he is serving the county. What??

Please join us in voting for the candidate whose character and experience make him the most qualified to serve as San Juan County prosecutor. Please vote for Randy Gaylord.

Lance Evans and Janet Brownell

Orcas Island