‘Fuel’ for thought | Letter

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out why people have such a problem connecting dots. Self-styled environmentalists both here and on the mainland have opposed at various times oil pipelines, oil tankers and oil trains. It’s a mystery how they expect oil to travel from the wells to the consumer at all. Yet these same people expect the ferries to be there whenever they want to travel to the mainland, which takes fuel for the ferries. How do they expect Washington State Ferries to get fuel to the ferries if not by pipeline, tanker or train?

Many of them fly hither, thither and yon to Hawaii, Las Vegas, the other Washington, Europe and elsewhere, even though flying is an ecological disaster and any true environmentalist won’t fly anywhere. How do they think the airlines will get the fuel for their planes so these folks can roam the planet if they don’t get it by pipeline, tanker or train? They oppose almost any proposed drilling project that will produce the oil their travels depend on, whether offshore, oil sands or fracking. Do they think fuel just magically appears at ferry terminals, airports and gas pumps?

Are these people just incapable of thinking?

Christopher Hodgkin

Friday Harbor