Don’t forget the Jazz Quintet +1

I want to thank you for the wonderful article James Krall wrote about the eighth annual Jazz at the Labs (page 1B, June 4 Journal).

This U.W. Friday Harbor Labs event raises money for our K-12 Science Outreach Program in the local schools.

The in-depth coverage of the band Jazz Coalescence was appreciated. However, I want to point out that Jazz Coalescence was only one of the two bands that performed that night.

The San Juan Jazz Quintet + 1 opened the evening, as it has done for all eight years of Jazz at the Labs. These talented musicians and singer not only donate their time to enable us to net as much income for the K-12 program as possible, but also have turned down paying gigs to perform at this event.

The San Juan Jazz Quintet + 1 is made up of local musicians and deserve recognition as well as our appreciation. The band members are Rich Barker on sax and flute, David Brown on lead acoustic guitar, Thor Hanson on double bass, Dick Rich on a custom-built seven-string electric guitar, Dennis Willows on drums and The Journal’s own Jill Urbach on vocals.

San Juan Jazz Quintet + 1 plays every Sunday, 6-9 p.m. at Bella Luna, for people who would like to hear more! To find out more about the San Juan Jazz Quintet +1, visit

We greatly the time and talent that both Jazz Coalescence and The San Juan Jazz Quintet + 1 give to support science in our schools.

Bob Schwartzberg
U.W. Friday Harbor Labs
Friday Harbor