Bravo to ‘Beauty and the Beast’ | Letter

The loud clapping and standing ovation on the opening night of “Beauty and the Beast” indicated a superb production. The audience was a-buzz because everybody was excellent! The singing, dancing, acting, etc. were top notch.

Reading every item in the bios, I was struck by the number of families who had dedicated many days and hours for our pleasure. One Atchley was in the pit, the other was in the cast; two Merritts were featured performers; 3/4 of the Urbach, Fincher and Haskew/Power families were featured performers; and several husband and wife duos “performed” backstage tasks. And the Newcomers to our stage in title roles were marvelous: Chelsea Bliss as Belle; Brandon Cadwell as LeFou. Finally, there were several islanders who returned to our stage after, perhaps, decades: Robyn Buchler and Ashley King. That’s Community Theatre!

Thanks to all and their wonderful director, Carol Hooper!

Buy your tickets now so you won’t be disappointed, like the many last years who wished they had seen “Chicago.”

Alice Acheson

Friday Harbor