Artistic? It’s an eyesore. What were they thinking at IMA? | Letters

I can no longer sit quietly without saying something about the new IMA so-called art building.

I don’t exactly call it art. In my opinion it’s an eyesore for the community.

This type of structure belongs in a city like Bellevue or Seattle, not in a small community like Friday Harbor. What was the architect thinking when he designed this jagged-edged building which looks more like a modern greenhouse than an art museum—and to build it in between a dental office and an empty medical building—good building sense!

Who was on the town planning commission, town council, etc., that approved such a visual mistake? What were you thinking and where is your sense of taste?

IMA is often asking for donations for their art programs. If the IMA Board can spend that amount of money to pay a visually impaired architect and builder, it’s pretty clear to me that they don’t need to ask for donations from the island community.

I have donated to IMA in the past and I certainly won’t be giving any of my funds to IMA now or in the future.

I would rather support and organization like the local Food Bank, which is doing something worthwhile by feeding the needy, instead of supporting an organization like IMA, which allows visual pollution in our community.

Christian Andrade/San Juan Island