Addressing rumors | Letters

My fellow community members, It is disheartening that I find myself yet again having to speak up against blatantly false rumors and lies being spread about me. This time it is someone using scare tactics, suggesting that I would violate people’s rights on their own properties. The false assertion that I want to do away with people’s rights to shoot on their own property and that I want the county council to pass an ordinance making it illegal is completely false and an egregious lie. Our laws allow people to shoot on their property as long as they have a safe background and don’t recklessly endanger other people.

I have never and will never violate people’s constitutionally protected rights. The only time I have ever mentioned anything about Firearms Ranges is when I pointed out that a law enforcement agency should have a professional range, on county property, to conduct firearms training and qualifications. A professional law enforcement agency should not be utilizing private citizens properties to conduct agency firearms training. Using private citizens property for firearms training is a huge liability issue for the agency and the county in the event there is an accident where someone is inadvertently injured. The failure of our law enforcement agency to not comprehend the liability of this practice and its complacency to continue this unsafe practice is astounding and gives the perception that our agency does not want to conduct business in a professional manner.

Finally, the baseless claim that I have integrity issues is laughable and a desperate attempt to hold onto a “good ole boy” system that doesn’t want to conduct business in a professional manner or be accountable for their actions.

My record speaks for itself over the last 27.5 years with countless commendations, stellar evaluations, two Chief of Police Unit Citations, and zero citizens generated complaints.

If you would like factual information please feel free to reach out to me. I am always glad to have open, authentic, and genuine conversations with my fellow community members instead of using the fear mongering rumor mill.


Eric Peter

San Juan Island