A thank you during time of grief | Letter

There are words to describe almost everything that happens in our lives, but the Serna family is at a loss for words at this time. Yet we would like to try to thank this amazing community for the support and love you have shown us in our time of grief.

Karina and I dropped everything we had accomplished in our young lives to adapt to your community, unknowingly that it would be the absolute perfect move from across the country. In our 20 years living in Friday Harbor, we have had an unmatched sense of love and support that could not be found anywhere else in the world.

In our attempt to recognize the endless well wishes, we have affirmed the overwhelming amount of respect that we have for the people of this community. We thank you for it all. Trying to fit each and every one of you in would be impossible. Karina wanted us to express how much love she felt by those who were able to visit in her final weeks. We apologize that the sudden decline of her health did not allow the time to reach out to all of those she cared for, but please know that she realized the love of her community long before she ever became ill. We are thankful for your respect and love during these last few months, as well as the support we continue to receive. Words cannot describe how much strength and character we have found in our own lives through the help of your genuine care and gestures of thoughtfulness. We will forever be in indebted to you, graciously.

Our deepest gratitude,

Anthony, AJ, Rhiannon, and Teagan Serna

San Juan Island