A place where caring means much more than a fancy façade | Letters

I feel that a major and glaring difference between the two medical facilities on San Juan Island is that of humanity.

Our new hospital is a very impressive art gallery where people are treated in a cold and corporate fashion. A family member recently spent four hours waiting in the lobby for a standard X-ray. At no time time did anyone even speak to her. I came to the administrator to complain and was told that she would look into the situation and call us with an explanation, she never did call.

It also took three trips to the hospital to get a CD of the images! Another time the same family member was five minutes late for an appointment and was not only denied the appointment but was lectured too by the receptionist.

By contrast, San Juan Healthcare has always treated me like a real person, calling to remind me of an upcoming appointment, greeting people coming into their waiting room with  friendly smiles and a sense of caring. It’s true their waiting room has outdated magazines and lacks the presence of expensive art, but it’s a place where I feel comfortable, their fees seem very fair and time with the doctor is un-rushed. Dr Gossom and staff care enough to sometimes call to check on their patient’s well being.

For me, walking into San Juan Healthcare is a step back in time to when caring  meant much more than a fancy façade. I feel we are very lucky to have this facility on our island.

Keith Busha

San Juan Island