SJ’s Jensen Shipyard earns state leadership ‘green’ award

Jensen Shipyard celebrates Earth Day this year with the prestigious Leadership Clean certification from the Clean Boating Foundation of Washington.

The certification recognizes the “outstanding commitment to environmental responsibility and restoring the health of Puget Sound” to Albert Jensen and Sons – known to generations of islanders as Jensen Shipyards.

Jensen Shipyard is one of 67 boatyards that operate under the Washington State Department of Ecology NPDES Boatyard General Permit. It is the ninth boatyard in the state to receive the Leadership Clean certification.

Partnering with boaters, boatyards, environmental groups, Department of Ecology and scientific experts, the Clean Boating Foundation is a voluntary effort to improve Puget Sound and the rest of our waters. The foundation encourages boaters to choose environmentally preferable products and practices and to use certified Clean Boatyards.

This certification has been a goal of Jensen Shipyard for some time. They thank their customers for the support and compliance that has helped them attain this new designation. Jensen Shipyard is proud to be a part of a community which strives to achieve environmental responsibility.